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Isaac b:abt 1790 d:1840/50, Sarah b:abt 1785 d:1882

Isaac and Sarah were a remarkable pioneering family. We don't know much about Isaac (see end of this page) as he did not live to the 1850 census but we know a great deal about Sarah.

In recent contemplation with a fellow researcher, we have come to consider the notion that given the births of the children and their locations and birth dates, that the children from the Illinois and Missouri area may have been the product of an earlier marriage of either Sarah or Isaac. We know Sarah was married three times and one of those times was before she married Isaac. it was conjectured that her first marriage was to another Scoggin male perhaps a brother or cousin of Isaac and that indeed Isaac may have been married before and some of the children may have come from that union. Given the birth locations of her children one could easily see that those born in TN would between 1818 and 1830 might have been to one couple and those born in ILL and MO to another. those two families may well have been merged back in TN by the birth of Martha by which time Sarah had married Isaac. Any thoughts on about this would be most welcome.

Sarah was born most likely in 1785 and in North Carolina. By 1810 we think she was married and gave birth to her first son Henry in TN. She had several children there and then (see paragraph above for edification) in the 1820s lived in MO and ILL where she had more children. By 1832 she was back in TN at the birth of one of her daughters and then moved to Izard Co ARK by the 1840 census where she gave birth to the last of her 18 children and where Isaac died before the 1850 census.

In 1854 she moved with her second oldest son Jesse SCOGGIN and several other family members to Coryell Co TX. There she married for the third time to a William Free who must have died soon after the wedding for we found her in her sons house hold in the next couple of census.

After traveling from NC to TN to MO to ILL back to TN to ARK to TX, all in an ox cart or wagon and bearing 18 children along the way and burying three husbands, she passed away on Jan 27, 1882. She was buried in Coryell Co near Sugar Loaf but her remains were re-interred some 50+ years later when Fort Hood was being built to train our soldiers for the conflict in Europe.

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We have found Sarah in every census from 1830 to 1880. In 1880 we found her twice!!:
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1830 In the HH of Isaac SCOGGIN in ILL
1840 in the HH of Isaac SCOGGIN in Izard Co ARK
1850 in the HH of son Robert M SCOGGIN in Independence Co. ARK
1860 in the HH of son Jesse SCOGGIN in Coryell Co TX
1870 in the HH of son Jesse SCOGGIN in Bell Co. TX
1880 in the HH of grandson-in-law Abner Jeffrys in Coryell Co TX!! !***AND***!!
1880 again! in the HH of grandson-in-law Alex Reed in Bell Co TX

The only real infomation we have about Isaac SCOGGIN is that he is shown as a HofH in the 1830 cenusus of Schuyler and McDonough Counties ILL (both counties were on the same record). He next shows up in 1840 in the census of Izard Co ARK next door to his son Jesse SCOGGIN. In the 1880 census of TX we found his son David D SCOGGIN where he lists his father as being born in VA. Isaac was Sarah's second husband and it is speculated that her first husband was also a SCOGGIN. Perhaps an older brother of Issacs named Stephen and thus the father of some of her children may have been this first husband.

Much credit for this remarkable work of genealogy must go to Ms. Juanita Johnson Philips. She is a great grandaughter of Sarah's and she did much of this detective work before the advent of computers or the internet. I have been in contact with her and she has graciously given me permission to share her work. I have managed to find a lot of this information and the actual census records myself but those vital hints of where to look were all the result of her remarkable work.

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