SCOGGIN & Genealogy Links

John SCROGGINS is probably the best living authority on SCOGGIN/SCROGGINS genealogy. He has shifted his concentration to the spelling with the "r" in the name which is understandable, but he has gathered some very useful data and so I include some links here:

North American Origins of Seventeenth and Eighteenth
Century Scroggins, Scoggin, and Scogin Families

Cyndi's List A HUGE site with thousands of genealogy links and sources. Probably the biggest.

Roots Web A comercial genealogy site with good search tools. It hosts many free sites.

SCOGGIN-L The SCrOGGIN/s list at Rootsweb. A good bunch of people to join if your searching this line.

Some Scoggins links

James W SCOGGIN Mr Benziger's Scoggin page.**NOTE** This link is lost at the moment.(April 2005), If anyone knows where to find this good work please let me know. Thank you
James W SCOGGIN a line of decent from Loma SCOGGINS collections(**thanks to John M Scroggins)This link is lost at the moment.

Loma SCOGGINS Some pages form this amazing lady's collections and books ** This link is lost at the moment.

Billy the Kid The SCOGGIN connection found in Lomas collection**This link is lost at the moment.

IF anyone has a copy of Loma SCOGGINS papers I would love to have copies of the information that used to be on the links that were lost here.

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