Stephen SCOGGIN & Martha WELCH

Stephen SCOGGIN was the 6th (we think) child of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN. He was born in TN about 1816. We are not sure where in TN he was born; it might have been Eastern or Middle TN as there were several families by that name around White County about that time. :
In 1936 Stephen served as a Pvt. In the Neeley Co of TN Mtd Vols. Called out for service on the Sabine Fronteer. :
By the time he married Martha F WELSH he was in Hardeman Co TN near the south-western tip of the state. They were married there on the 6th of February 1837. Several other SCOGGINs were married in that county within a few years. :
Stephen was active in the local Church and is listed in the records of Walnutgrove Baptist Church, Hardeman Co, TN and later when they moved at the Union Hill Baptist Church, Independence Co ARK. :
Stephen remained in TN for some time when several of his siblings moved to ARK in the 1840s. Stephen sold his land in TN in 1856 and joined several brothers in and around Independence Co ARK

We find Stephen in the census:
1840 as HH in Hardeman Co TN:
1850 as HH in Hardeman Co TN:
1860 as HH in Independence Co ARK:
He appears to have passed away by the 1870 census:
Martha C. WELCH was born about 1817 in Overton Co. TN to Isaac WELSH and Judith BOHANNON:
We find Martha in addition to the above listings in the census: :
1870 Independence Co ARK:
1880 Independence Co ARK:
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Stephen SCOGGIN..................&
......................Martha Welsh
b: abt 1816 TN.......d: bet 1860-1870 Independence Co ARK b: 1817, Overton Co TN...d:aft 1880 Indpendence Co ARK
John B.
Jessie M
Mary J.
Martha T.
1837 1839 1841 1844 1845 1849 1853 1855 1860

While there is no record as of yet to definitively establish Stephen as a son of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN there exists enough evidence to allow that conclusion. These rational are based on location, time frame, and family patterns.
In TN Stephen marries and owns land in close proximity of locale and time to several other children of Sarah and Isaac including some proven. He migrates to the same area in ARK. He names his children in the traditional pattern of his first daughter after the mother of his wife, is first son after his father, his second daughter after his own mother. This is the same pattern used by Jesse Scoggin, known son of Sarah and Stephens's brother.

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