Robert M. SCOGGIN & Matilda ???

Robert SCOGGIN was the 15th (we think) and a confirmed child of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN.

He married Matilda (Mallia? the census is hard to read here)in 1850 as he is shown as married within the year on that census in Independence Co.ARK.

The only reference we have found on Robert is the census of 1850. We found him while searching for Sarah and Issac. Failing to find them in Izard County where they were in the previous census we looked in Indepence Co becuse some of their children lived there. An index of that census revealed a Robert and when the record was found there was Sarah the mother and three of her daughters (sisters to Robert). Eveidently Issac Sr. had passed away. We Inferr that Robert was therefor a son of Sarah. He does not appear to have moved to TX with much of the family in 1853.

We find Rober M. SCOGGIN in the census:
1850 as HH Indpendence Co Ark, Malliss twp

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Robert M.SCOGGIN------------&-------------Mallis ???
b: abt 1829......d: ????..............................................b: Abt 1834.......d:????
Unknown children

We feel Robert is established as a son of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN. THis is due to the finding of Sarah th emother in his house in the 1850 census and that two of his sisters were in the house as well. We also found that his brother James and sister Martha Louisa Scoggin WOOD were neigherboring households as were the children of Sarahs daughter Elizaben Scoggin REED. We had not been able to find Robert in another census. the Robert M Scoggin found in Tn is not this Robert.

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