Rachel was the 11th (we think) and a pretty well confirmed child of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN.

Based on her children she married James Overton between 1836-1842, most likely in Missouri or perhaps in Illinois.

We have found Rachel and her family in the census of 1850 while searching for Sarah and Isaac. Failing to find the older couple in Izard County Arkansas where they were in the previous census we looked in Independence Co. because some of their children lived very close in that neighboring county. An index of that census revealed a Robert and when the record was found there was Sarah the mother and three of her daughters (sisters to Robert). Evidently Isaac Sr. had passed away. We concluded that Robert was therefore a son of Sarah.

That's were we left it for a time until our hunting skills improved. Recent re-examination of the census records led us to find that two doors down from Robert (and on the next page of the census, It is always good to scroll up and down a bit) was his married sister Martha Louisa SCOGGIN Woods with her family. Amongst Martha's family we found two of her older sister's (Sarah SCOGGIN REED) children. (apparently Sarah REED and her husband had both passed away by this time and her children had been parceled out to sisters families.) AND to my great amusement, in the household in-between and even closer to the senior Sarah, was a house with two more of  Sarah Reeds children!!!  OK I am now experienced enough to take notice. Here was another of Sarah's daughters under a married name living right next door with two of her sisters children. This is how we came to be convinced that Rachel who married James Overton was another of Sarah's, the matriarch's, daughters. So far we have not found the Overton family in Texas with the group that migrated there in the mid 1850s, nor in Arkansas with the group that stayed there. But then we have not had time to look.

Ok now (March 2006) we have had a chance to look and we found Rachel, her husband James Overton and thier children in Carroll Co., Arkansas, in 1860 and then in 1870 they have moved to Benton Co., Missouri. The ages and names of children all match so we can be sure this is the same family.

We find Rachel SCOGGIN married to James Overton in the census:
1850 as wife of James Overton  in Independence County Arkansas, Microfilm # M432-26 page 345b, line 29.
1860 as wife of James Overton  in Carroll County Arkansas,, Union township, Roll: M593-759 Page 897, line 36.
1870 as wife of James Overton in Benton Co MO, Union township, Roll: M593-759, Pg: 293: Line:32.


Rachel SCOGGIN--------&--------James Overton
b: abt 1825. in TN.....d: aft. 1870..............................................b: abt 1824 in TN.......d: aft 1870
Louisa Elizabeth Arthur"AO" Isaac M. Nancy Catherine Virginia Sarah Martha Olivia Mary Francis
b: 1842, MO b: 1843, AR b: 31 Oct. 1845, AR b: 1847, AR b: 1850, AR 1854 AR 1856 AR 1858 AR 1860 AR 1861 AR 1864 AR

Rachael is fairly well established as a daughter of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN as she appears between the Mother Sarah and a sister in the 1850 census with her confirmed sisters children in her home.

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