Martha SCOGGIN & William Wilson WOOD

Martha Louisa SCOGGIN was the 14th (we think) and a confirmed child of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN. She was born March, 1830 in TN. We are not sure where in TN she was born; it might have been Eastern or Middle TN as there were several families by that name around White County about that time and prior but there were also marriages of her brothers in Hardeman CoTN in the mid 30s. She died January 7, 1861 in Coryell County TX.

She married William Wilson WOOD abt 1845 in Izard or Independence Co ARK.

Martha and her family moved from ARK to Coryell CO TX along with her brother Jesse, sister Nancy Jane Johnson and mother Sarah in 1854. She would have had to move from TN to ARK back in the 1840s with her mother and father.

We find Martha Louisa (SCOGGIN) WOODS in the census:
1850 as HH in Independence Co. AR
1860 in HH of William WOOD in Coryell CO TX

William Wilson WOOD was born abt 1819 in Ohio, the son of Israel WOOD.He served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.
He died in 1876 in Coryell CO TX.

We find William Wilson WOOD in the census:
1850 as HH in Independence Co. AR (as Wilson WOOD)
1860 as HH in Coryell CO TX

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Martha Louisa SCOGGIN------------&-------------William Wilson WOOD
b: March 1830.......d: January 07, 1861..............................................b: Abt 1819.......d:1876
William A
Nancy Jane
John Wilson.
Jesse G
Sarah E
Martha E
George W
Mary A

Martha is established as a daughter of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN. She is living in the household 2 doors down from her brother Robert in 1850 where we find Sarah the mother. In Martha and William Wilson WOODs household we also find two of her sister Elizabeth REEDs children. We assume Elizabeth and Thomas Reed had passed away and their children had been parceled out to relatives as we find two more of them in the house in-between Robert SCOGGIN and the WOODs.

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