& Nancy HAMILTON & Martha Jane CLEMENTS

Jesse SCOGGIN was the 2nd (we think) and a confirmed child of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN. He was born April 22, 1811 in TN. We are not sure where in TN he was born; it might have been Eastern or Middle TN as there were several families by that name around White County about that time. He died December 06, 1871 in Coryell County TX "killed by Indians"

He married three times. First 20 July 1830 to Nancy HAMILTON in Hardeman Co TN. Second to Elizabeth Yarborough (Lissa) on March 11, 1835 in Hardeman Co TN. lastly to Martha Jane Clements January 17, 1864 in Coryell Co TX.

Jesse appears to have moved from TN to ARK between 1836-1839 based on the birth places and birth dates of his children. He was in the 1840 census of Izard Co ARK near his father Isaac SCOGGIN. Between Jan and March of 1855 He moved his family including his sisters Martha Wood and Nancy (Johnson) James and their mother Sarah to Coryell Co TX near "Sugarloaf". It appears these were not the only members of the SCOGGIN family to move to this new location.

Jesse was a Minister of the Gospel (as was one of his sons and possibly his father) and a farmer and a rancher. His brand registration appears amongst the first such registrations in Coryell Co. It was a simple figure "S"

His home was a central gathering place for his neighbors and was often referred to as "Fort Scoggin" as it served as shelter during occasional attacks by hostile Indians.

We find Jesse SCOGGIN in the census:
1840 as HH in Izard Co ARK
1850 as HH in Izard Co ARK
1860 as HH in Coryell Co TX (with mother Sarah in HH)
1870 as HH in Bell Co TX (with mother Sarah in HH)(it is possible the he did not move but district lines did)
He passed away by the 1880 census:

Nancy Hamilton was the first wife of Jesse but as she married and died between the 1830 and 1840 census we do not have a census record of her. The only record we have is of their marriage in Hardeman Co TN. The had two children that we know of.

Elizabeth Yarborough was the second wife of Jesse.
We find Elisabeth in the census:
1840 in HH of Jesse SCOGGIN in Izard Co ARK
1850 in HH of Jesse SCOGGIN in Izard Co ARK
1860 in HH of Jesse SCOGGIN in Coryell Co TX

Martha Jane Clements was the third wife of Jesse SCOGGIN and the daughter of James Clements and Rebecca Linville.
We find Martha in the census of:
1870 in HH of Jesse SCOGGIN in Bell Co TX

Below is a "tree" With links to each of the identified children Each of those pages have links to census other data etc.

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Jesse. SCOGGIN------------&
-----------------Nancy HAMLITON
b: 22 April, 1811.......d: 6 December, 1871
b: unknown.......d:bef 1838
Isaac Hamilton
4 April 1831

d: 8 January 1893

b: abt 1836
d: aft 1867


Jesse SCOGGIN------------&
----------------Elizabeth YARBOROUGH
b: 22 April, 1811.......d: 6 December, 1871
b: March 8121.......d:2 March 1864
Nancy Jane
Mary E.
Malinda A.
John W
James Monroe
abt 1838
abt 1842
abt 1848
abt 1854
abt 1856


Jesse SCOGGIN------------&
---------------Martha Jane Clements
b: 22 April, 1811.......d: 6 December, 1871
b: abt 1837.........d: btw 1870-1880
Geroge Quincy
Jacob Kennedy
b: abt 1864...d:1933
b: 1866......d: 1927

Jesse is well established as a son of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN.
His children share some of the traditional family names and nameing patterns

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