James W.SCOGGIN & Lucretia CLOUSE

James W. SCOGGIN was the 8th (we think) child of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN. He was born in TN about 1817. We are not sure where in TN he was born; it might have been Eastern or Middle TN as there were several families by that name around White County about that time. He died btw: 1874-1880 probably in Stone Co ARK (where he last appeared in the census)
By the time he married Lucretia "Creasy" Clouse he was in Hardeman Co TN near the southwestern tip of the state. They were married there on the 20th of August, 1836. Several other SCOGGINs were married in that county within a few years. They had at least 6 children.
He later married Nancy BROWNFIELD bef; 1886 in ARK and had 4 more children.
Based on the birth places and dates of his children they moved from TN to ARK bet: 1842-1845. James W. remained in ARK along with his brother Stephen and perhaps others when his brother Jesse and at least two sisters and their mother Sarah moved to TX in 1854.

We find James W. SCOGGIN in the census:
1840 as HH in Morgan Co MO (this needs verification)
1850 as HH Independence Co Ark
1860 as HH in Searcy Co ARK
1870 as HH in Izard Co ARK (perhaps is fathers old place)
He appears to have passed away by the 1880 census:

Lucretia CLOUSE (nickname "Creacey") was the sister of John Clouse who lived with them in the 1850 census.

We find Lucretia in the census:
1840 in HH of James SCOGGIN in Morgan Co MO (this needs verification)
1850 in HH of James SCOGGIN in Independence Co Ark
1860 in HH of James SCOGGIN in Searcy Co ARK

Nancy BROWNFIELD was the second wife of James W SCOGGIN and the daughter of Silvia (who lived with Nancy in the 1870 and 1880 census)

We find Nancy in the census of:
1870 in HH of James SCOGGIN in Izard Co ARK (perhaps is fathers old place)
1880 as HH in Stone Co ARK (this in same township as before so perhaps county lines changed)

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James W. SCOGGIN------------&
-----------------Lucretia CLOUSE
b: abt 1817.......d: bet: 1870-1880
b: abt 1813.......d:bet:1860-1870
Isaac J.
Della P.
James W
William Riley
April 1853


James W. SCOGGIN------------&
----------------Nancy BROWNFIELD
b: abt 1817.......d: bet: 1870-1880
b: abt 1827.......d:aft 1880
John W

We now believe there is sufficient proof to declare that James was indeed a son of Sarah SCOGGIN as in the 1850 census he appears as the household immediately before that of his brother Robert M. SCOGGIN in whose house we find Sarah herself along with several of James sisters. The household immediately after is that of a family OVERTON with two of Sarah’s grandchildren by her daughter Elizabeth who married a Thomas REED. (Elizabeth and Thomas must have passed away by now) and in the very next household there are two more REED children. Thus on this one page of census we pretty much prove several of the children of Sarah with little reasonable doubt. These rational are based on location, time frame, and family patterns.
In TN James marries and lives in close proximity of locale and time to several other children of Sarah and Isaac including some proven. He migrates to the same area in ARK. His children share some of the traditional family names

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