Ellenore F. SCOGGIN & Ambrose LEE

Ellen SCOGGIN was the 18th (we think) and a confirmed child of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN. She may have been known variosly as Elender and Elenda. She was born bet. 1830-1836 in TN.(more likely 1830)

She married Ambose LEE bef. 1856 in ARK. We assume this from the birth of her children.

Ellen and her family moved from Independence Co ARK to Coryell CO TX bet 1856-1857 to join her brother Jesse, sister Nancy Jane Johnson and mother Sarah . She would have had to move from TN to ARK back in the 1840s with her mother and father.

Ellen died 1870-1878 In COrryell Co TX.

We find Ellen F. SCOGGIN in the census:
1850 in HH of her brother Robert M SCOGGIN in Independence Co ARK.(along with her mother and sisters)

Her Husband, Ambrose LEE was born abt 1830 in TN, the son of Issac LEE (we believe).He died after 1880.

We find Amborse LEE and wife Ellen SCOGGIN in the census:
1860 as HH in Coryell Co , TX HH269, Cow House Beat, pg 28
1870 as HH in Coryell Co , TXpg 287, HH106

And then we find Amborse LEE with a different wife (Mary M.)and some of the same children in:

1880 In Coryell Co TX.

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Elleore SCOGGIN------------&-------------Ambrose LEE
b: abt 1836.......d: abt. 1876..............................................b: Abt 1830.......d:aft.1880

Ellen is well established as a daughter of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN.

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