Elizabeth SCOGGIN & Thomas REED

Elizabeth SCOGGIN was the 4th (we think) child of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN. She was born in TN about 1814. We are not sure where in TN she was born; it might have been Eastern or Middle TN as there were several families by that name around White County about that time. However Brothers married in Hardeman Co TN (Western TN)in the 1830s. She died bet: 1832-1840.

She married Thomas REED Sept. 3, 1832 in Pope Co. ILL. He was born in KY (see 1880 census of son in Coryell CO TX)

Based on the birth places and dates of his children they were in ILL from their mairriage in 1832 to at least 1840. Thier child Alexander married in Bell Co TX in 1855 so it is possible most of the family moved with grandmother Sarah and thier uncle Jessie in 1853.

We have not yet found Elizabeth SCOGGIN or Thomas REED in the census. But we have fund their children and grandchildren. They most likely have passed away by 1850 when we find their children in the census parceled out amongst siblings of Elizabeth and within a few yards of their grandmother Sarah (in the house of Elizabeth’s brother Robert. M. SCOGGIN). Two of her children are in her sister Martha Louisa SCOGGIN WOOD and two are in the house in-between with the head of house named OVERTON.

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Elizabeth SCOGGIN------------&-----------------Thomas REED
b: abt 1814.......d: bet: 1832-1840
b: abt .......d:bet:
Nancy A.
Francis M.
abt. 1833
10 Jan 1837
10 Jan 1837
abt. 1838
abt. 1840

Alexander and Francis were twins.

We now feel that Elizabeth is a proven child of Sarah and Isaac SCOGGIN. Her children appear in the households of children of Sarah and next door to Sarah herself in 1850. Sarah the matriarch appears in the household of one of those children in the 1880 census. These rational are based on location, time frame, and family patterns. AND the fact that family members are living togther

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