David D Scoggin & Mary Jane Reed

PLEASE NOTE that I have received some email (Feb 2010) from a fellow researcher who feels very strongly that this particular David who married Mary REED does not belong as a child of Isaac and Sarah. As I understand it the researher does not know who the parents of David are but feels strongly that there is not enough evidence to make the conclusion that he is a child of Isaac and Sarah. I agree that there is little absolute evidence for this conclusion However I do think he belongs in this family line even if the generation is not correct. She may disagree even with that and that is where DNA comes in. If there is anyone from this line who knows of a direct male descendant who might participate in the DNA study we can settle the issue even if we cannot for sure know the exact generation. I will however present the information as originally posted for those who would like to study it further.

David D.(Denton) SCOGGIN was the 5th (we think) child of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN. He was born in TN about 1815. We are not sure where in TN he was born; it might have been Eastern or Middle TN as there were several families by that name around White County about that time. He died in 1900 in Hamilton Co TX and is buried in "old" cemetery Hamilton Co TX

It seems he married twice. By the time he married Mary Jane Reed, 06 Sep 1849,  he was in MO and most likely had moved there with other family members in the late1830s (although it seems his oldest daughter was born in TN and probably daughter of the first wife) Elizabeth a presumed sister of Davids also married a REED and her children appear with the family after the moved to Texas.

Mary Jane Reed was born August 01, 1825 in MO and died April 14, 1917 in Hamilton CO, TX

It appears that they moved :

Bet 1838-1840 TN to MO
Bet. 1855 - 1857 MO to TX
Bet. 1860 - 1861 Dallas Co, TX to Coryell Co, TX<
Aft. 1870 census to Hamilton Co, TX

We find David D. SCOGGIN in the census:
1840 as HH in Morgan Co MO, pg171b
1850 as HH in Morgan Co MO, HH55, pg 225b
1860 as HH in Dallas Co. TX, HH 566 pg 381,Pct 8
1870 as HH in Coryell Co TX HH36 In vincinty of I H Scoggin
1880 as HH Hamilton Co, TX, E Dist 71 pg406 Next Door to son John

Below is a "tree" With links to each of the identified children Each of those pages have links to census other data etc.

Not all the links are active yet. more added each day

David D. SCOGGIN------------&-----------------Mary Jane Reed
b: abt 1815.......d: 1900 ---- m: 06 Sep 1849, MO-------b: August 01, 1825.......d:April 14, 1917
Thomas J.
Elizabeth A
Lorena E.
John J.
Nancy P.
Robert F.
Lora Alice
Sept 1850

While there is no record as of yet to definitively establish David D. as a son of Isaac and Sarah SCOGGIN there exists enough evidence to allow that conclusion. These rational are based on location, time frame, and family patterns. He lives next to children or grand children of Sarah. He lives too long and is the wrong age in the census to have been, as some researchers (Sharon Doliante) presumed, a was son of what we believe to be his actual Grandfather, John Scoggin Sr. of VA.

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